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Hi I'm Tay!

I'm a queer Melbourne based full time artist ( and Twitch Streamer ) specialising in colourful, punchy artwork. I feature a lot of birds, animal characters and fun imagery. I have a mix of fan works, original content and animal art. 

I'm neurodivergent and have multiple chronic illnesses which impact my life heavily. I am absolutely blessed to be able to use my art to create an impactful career despite these hurdles. I use my experiences to create impactful works and connect with the communities I am apart of.

I mainly specialize in selling merch, apparel and other similar items apposed to custom commissions. I do however offer "at con" ink and sketches exclusively at conventions and will only take my limited digital slots sparingly.
I am moving into bringing a lot of original traditional paintings and artworks into the con space, hoping to offer something a bit more unique in the dealers den.


I have public liability insurance and all my business credentials are up to date.

Thank you so much for considering to work with me and having me as a vendor in your convention, I really appreciate the chance.


I'm the artist behind Meekor