If you commission me you are agreeing to these terms. If you do not agree with any of these terms, perhaps you can purchase some of my furry merch instead of commissioning a new piece. 


Wait time and Illness

- Commissions, especially the lower rate atmospheric portrait commissions can take up to 12 months to complete due to ill health. These commissions are set at a lower price point for the quality and detail due to the slow pace of completion. That being said they will be completed as soon as possible and progress can be viewed via my Trello que.
- I am physically disabled and can fall very ill unexpectedly. This may affect the wait time on your commissions completion. Please understand that my physical health must be priority or else I may take months to recover to resume commissions.


- I have the right to refuse any commission without giving a reason. Though that is incredibly unlikely.
- Please do not rush me. If you need something via a certain deadline please be sure to discuss this with me prior to commissioning me. Most commissions take 1 - 2 weeks to complete once I start.
- I will not imitate another artists' style or draw copyrighted characters.
- Please view my existing works to understand my style and artistic abilities.
- I own the rights to all and any art I produce. If you wish to use my art for commercial or any money-gaining purposes please discuss with me about purchasing the rights.
- All artworks will be delivered in their full size as a png. If you require the psd or working files, please contact me to discuss.
- Printing and laminating badges will charge extra, please be aware of this.
- I work from a Que and will only start your commission when all of the pre existing commissions have been completed.
- Payment confirms your slot.






Please read through my Terms of Service if you wish to commission me.

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